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Daina& Joyce Business Enterprises is a 100% black female owned company. It is fully owned by one women. Daina& Joyce Business Enterprises is a close corporation registered in terms of the close corporation acts of 1984.Our market ranges from individual to the gigantic corporate as well as government parastals and department. We aim to provide service to the whole South African community and we would also explore the entire SADS countries. The main business of the company is general building, civil works, consulting and engineering projects. South Africa has high unemployed rate, so any initiative that promises business development , stimulate entrepreneurship and concomitantly stimulate the economy are regarded as initiatives that support the government’s priorities for sustainable development.

The company members are active business professionals. They have generated working relationships with other firms (Quantity surveyors, Artisans, Civil and Structural Engineers.

The company possesses the necessary skills and expertise to provide quality services.


To become one of the most successful empowerment enterprise and provider of quality construction services to the government, communities, public and private sector to assist archive their development programs , and also for the delivery of high quality technical projects through project management and for delivering projects on time. This supports the nation of South Africa economic development & black economic empowerment , which will provide services of high quality standards and excellence.


We aim at achieving our vision by:

 Providing the best quality services
 To ensure customer satisfaction at all times
 Creating job opportunities
 To provide skills development to both individuals and corporate bodies by providing specialized services to our clients and community. We will harness our potential and help to valuate poverty.
 Ensuring the empowerment of youth, disabled individuals and local community


We recognize that South Africa is a dynamic country and is rich in diversity. We subscribe to its high standards construction, which aims at providing to quality and freedom to the individual. We aim to excel in each service that we provide. We respect the individual client values, culture and needs.


Daina& Joyce Business Enterprises has four broad strategies:

 To create a good economic climate by working closely with the SMME and experienced business partners
 To always strive for the attainment of customer specification and satisfaction.
 To provide the most affordable services
 To lease with the government parastatals and departments as well as the entire business community


 The members of this company are emerging contractors from previously disadvantaged sector and have construction experience and practical hands-on experience in the management of the construction business
 The company will focus initially on providing its service to all provinces around South Africa. It will emphasize the importance of quality workmanship throughout all its business units. This will be achieved through appropriate on- going training of staff.
 The members will ensure that the company executes any given manner that will respond positive to deadlines which are set for completion of work. The company will strive to maximize efficiency which also maximises profitability. Key personnel such as a project manager & site manager will be appointed to manage the site and also internal accounted will be appointed so as to take control of the cash flow.
 The member is fully conversant with all aspects of running a successful business, she is very determined, highly motivated, confident & possesses human relation skills.

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Johannesburg 2001

354 second avenue
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